New Lithium Plays

1 09 2009

With lithium ion batteries being the preferred manner of powering electric and hybrid electric vehicles, lithium is an increasingly important metal.It’s hot. Period.

At present the main producer of lithium for brine and concentrates are Argentina, Chile and Australia producing 82% of total lithium production in 2008. China is a growing producer and last year produced 8% of lithium production. New lithium plays are likely to emerge in the coming years.

Linear Minerals in Canada has resumed exploration at its Seymour Lake lithium, tantalum and beryllium property in the north of Ontario. Exploration apparently returned “exciting lithium grades”. A drilling program should be initiated shortly. The property is accessible by road which is an important advantage especially as some areas of Canada can be remote. Other lithium projects include Lithium One’s James Bay lithium project in the province of Quebec.