About Just Digging

Just Digging is an independent blog aimed at discussing socioeconomic, financial, regulatory and technical aspects of the metals and mining industry. The intent in writing about those topics is to go beyond the headlines by complementing news reports with fresh perspectives, present emerging trends and occasional stock picks.

About MarthaBlack

MarthaBlack is a graduate from Lund University’s Master Programme in European Affairs. She has developed a strong interest in metals and mining through her former work as industry analyst. In that position, she was brought to provide analysis on aluminium, nickel, diamonds and oil sands. Since moving on to other fields of work, she cannot stay away from commodities. Hence Just Digging!

Feel free to write to justdiggingblog@gmail.com to share comments or make suggestions.


5 responses

6 01 2011
Tom Lincoln

Do you have RSS Feeds?

7 01 2011
Martha Black

Yep! You have to click on the entry title and then click on the RSS icon at the end of the entry to activate the feed. I think it’s a wordpress standard function.

25 04 2011

so happy to see this content, thank you.

6 07 2012

I personally think this material is terrific. I am in agreement with much of the information provided and am motivated to find out more. I’m hoping more information will be added in the near future….

2 09 2012
Peter Dalley.

Nice to see you’re still working on this blog MBlack. 🙂

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