GM and Stillwater Mining Co. It’s Back on!

30 12 2010

After abruptly dropping a decade-long business relationship with Stillwater Mining Co, the only U.S. platinum group metal (PGM) miner, as part of its bankruptcy restructuring in July 2009, General Motors has renewed its relationship with its palladium supplier. You may remember the controversy sparked by GM’s petition to a federal bankruptcy court to reject the then existing agreement with Stillwater and retain those in effect with Russian and South African suppliers.

As per the recently concluded deal, Stillwater Mining Co will provide palladium to GM for three years based on the market average price at the time of sale. The new agreement has removed the floor and ceiling prices features of the previous contracts. Stillwater Mining Co is also in discussion other automakers including Ford whose current supply agreement will soon be expiring.

As a result of the recovery in the auto sector and increased investor interest in PGMs, palladium performed well in 2010. These factors should keep supporting prices in 2011 as it is suspected that investment demand (such as demand from exchange-traded funds) could push the metal into a supply deficit in the coming year. Moreover, some analysts predict a 15% increase in gross demand. For Q1, Société Générale predicted that palladium would trade at $800 an ounce in average but warned that a correction could be expected as it perceived the metal has over bought.




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