2010 will be all about [insert name here]

2 01 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, after more than a week off the blog for such obvious reasons as the holidays hijacking all of my free time (there is no such thing as meeting up with your family in a place so remote that broadband does not exist*); I am almost officially back on (I have yet to get a new laptop). This entry has for purpose of making you aware of what will be coming up on my blog in 2010. [Drum roll].

Among other things, I hope to write more entries about uranium (market trends as well as stock picks), new deposits, environmental affairs and more about downstream processing (yes that means more smelters). I also hope to write at least two entries a week although news of the Canadian Federal budget being introduced in March may disrupt the flow of entries. During that period I’ll be busy revising typos and sub par Babelfish translation for the good of Canadians and Canadian businesses from coast to coast to coast. I will be thinking of you all the time, I promise.

Of mention, this blog is now accessible at the following URL http://www.justdiggingblog.com. This is one of my Christmas presents (thanks Patrick)

*Remember Canada is one of the developed countries with the lowest penetration of broadband.




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