Manufactured Landscape: Aluminium Smelters

24 09 2009

A friend gave me harsh comments last week for the good reads post. Apparently it was a little bit too lean on substance. Well, this week I think it is necessary to make a post whose substance is tied to another blog as I think that it is about time that I provide a little bit of visual content.

When browsing the web last week end, I found a blog that explores extreme man made structures and landscapes using google maps. As I am writing posts exclusively on aluminium this week, this link is extremely appropriate. There’s even a picture of the Evansville smelter in Indiana on the page but I will admit with certain degree of chauvinism as I really like the picture of Aluminerie Alouette. I started writing a post on this international consortium months ago and it is still in draft form. I will try to publish it this week




2 responses

24 09 2009

What a great blog!

I just spent about 20 minutes surfing Manufactured Landscapes… Do you know if there is any link to the documentary?

24 09 2009
Martha Black

LVZ: You can click the link on the right from this youtube page.

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